The first decentralized ecosystem
for reducing surplus food

1.3 trillion tonnes of food is lost or wasted globally per year.
That is 1/3 of food produced for human consumption.



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What is food+x?

For people, profit and planet

Blockchain powered platform

FoodPlusX enables quick, safe and transparent distribution of surplus food.

Decentralised database, based on Ethereum and Hyperledger technology, will provide complete two-way product traceability and transparency across the supply chain increasing trust, saving time, reducing costs and business risks.

Built over existing ecosystems

FoodPlusX complements existing FoodPlus and Robin Food ecosystems for sale and donation of surplus food.


High Losses

Surplus food is reducing profitability of food producers, distributors and retailers

Risks and frauds

Opaque supply chains are increasing the risk of fraud, exposing brands to financial, reputational and regulatory risks

Inefficient system

The current system for the sale and donation of surplus food is inefficient as it lacks transparency and has high transaction costs

Food manufacturers, distributors and retailers

Require an efficient, low-cost, and easy-to-use system that enables sale of surplus products to help them avoid the cost of disposal

Have to protect own brand by having complete understanding who the end buyers of their products are

Hospitality industry

Want access to safe and quality food at lower prices

Want to know where products are coming from and how they have been moved across the supply chain

Wish to promote sustainability


Demand access to safe and quality food at lower prices

Want to understand the origin of the product

Wish to support local producers

Wish to lower environmental impact

food+x is built on top of existing
and fully operational business

FPX reinforces existing business entities consisting of smart IT platform, green delivery
and brick and mortar shops.

Food Plus Platform

Well-established B2B online platform, strategically matching sellers and buyers of surplus food.

We are currently working with over 120 leading European+ retailers, distributors, manufacturers and Horeca organisations.

Total value of goods on the platform since opening: 10 million €

Robin Food Stores

Providing general public access to quality
food at discounted prices that would
otherwise end up as waste.

Robin Food Bank

Collaboration with charities to donate food
to people in need.

85.000 items sold since opening Revenues 15.000 EUR/month per store

Less than 0.01% of food products wasted Collected and donated +500 kg food to charities Strong social media presence with +50,000 likes

Current Ecosystem

Why Blockchain
in the food supply chain?

To increase trust among the supply chain participants the data must be incorruptible. Only solutions backed by unbiased, impartial and credible technical algorithm can provide trusts that can facilitate efficient transactions.

Prevent fraud and ensure food is save.

Two-way transparency and traceability provided by blockchain is empowering food buyers and food sellers by giving all the information they need to make decisions.

Technology can help reward businesses that tackle food poverty, reduce hunger and environmental impacts.

Higher operational costs • Offline documentation • Risk of fraud • Food waste

Optimised operations • Increased traceability & trust • Lower costs • No food waste

Blockchain benefits provided
by food+x

Create new value

Exploit new business models by utilising new, low cost channel to sell, buy and donate surplus food

Optimize ecosystems

Make the sale and donation of surplus food more efficient by eliminating the need to maintain separate ledgers and product documentation in physical format

Two-way traceability

Empowers brands by helping them understand who are the end buyers of their products. Provides buyers with complete product information (e.g. origin, product safety, product movement across the supply chain, etc.)

Provide security & trust

Single shared ledger is tamper proof preventing alteration of recorded transactions

Open system

Standard interfaces for third-party logistics, insurance, credit rating or traceability software connection

Lower transaction cost

Increased transparency lowers transaction costs and reduces the cost of sharing, collecting and storing product documentation

Reduce risk

Reduces business risks and protects reputation by reducing fraud and improving food safety

Speed processes

Speed up process times enable faster transactions

+ many more

The New Ecosystem

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Our partners

100+ others

Sustainable development goals

By The United Nations

We are supporting the following UN set goals



Dalibor Matijevic

Founder Ceo

Dalibor is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded 5 start-ups in the last 7 years including the largest Slovenian fitness portal, booking service to fill in spare capacity and a charitable initiative. In 2015 he co-founded FoodPlus, a smart B2B platform for distribution of surplus food and in 2016, a social enterprise, called Robin Food, was established with its mission to sell surplus food directly to the general public. Dalibor is now looking as part of the FoodPlusX project how blockchain can be harnessed to improve transparency and efficiency of the food supply chain.


Gregor Pecnik

Co-Founder Environmental economist

Gregor is an environmental economist developing scalable solutions that can help solve global sustainability challenges. As part of this drive Gregor has co-founded FoodPlus, a smart platform for distribution of surplus food, and is an adviser to social enterprise Robin Food. Gregor has over 12 years of experience working with leading global brands helping them create sustainable value by improving their sustainability performance.


Blockchain Experts

Sumit Kishore

Chief innovation officer

Sumit is responsible for the Blockchain Innovation of the FoodPlusX platform Blockchain Technology expert with a track record of building real life utility tools using Blockchain for the Financial World Sumit is the former Investment Banker; worked at the globals Banks and Financial Institutions such as BNY Mellon, Citibank An entrepreneur with hands in Food and Transport businesses

Marcin Rabenda

Technical advisor

Marcin is handling FoodPlusX platform infrastructure and technological stack Marcin is a long time Blockchain specialist, miner, trader and since 2013 participating actively in the world of cryptocurrencies. Founder of ByCode LTD - a software house company IT Product Owner at Coinfirm LTD for AML/KYC process of Cryptocurrencies Masters Degree in Software Engineering

Jan Turk

Solidity developer

Jan is designing and developing Solidity smart contracts of the FoodPlusX platform. He is working in the blockchain R&D department of Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana and has developed many smart contracts as a freelance developer and consultant. His most recent accomplishment in Ethereum blockchain platform is authoring and EIP-1129.

Core team

Matthew Pygott

Chief Project Officer

Jure Ribič

Back-end developer

Matija Kogovšek

Front-end developer

Groga Tancek

Art Direction, UX

Rachael Bassey

Chief Marketing Officer

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